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Trusted & Fastest GE, Philips and Sonosite TEE Probe Repair

Any Tee probes from GE, Philips, Sonosite and more
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TEE Probe Diagnostics

TEE Probe Diagnostics is a critical process that helps healthcare providers maintain the performance and safety of their TEE probes. Regular diagnostics and maintenance can extend the lifespan of the probes, optimize their performance, and ensure accurate diagnostic results during cardiac examinations.

TEE Probe Repair

Save big on TEE probe repairs. We specialize in tube, lens, sensor, micro gear replacement, cable and electrical leakage repair, bending rubber and articulation fixes. High-quality repairs for a wide range of TEE probes, cutting OEM costs by two-thirds.

TEE Probe Sales

Get a quote for GE, Philips, and Sonosite TEE Probes today. We offer a wide range of probes, from adult to pediatric, with 6 months to 1-year warranty. Enjoy super-fast insured shipping. Contact us now!

Who are we

How to get your TEE probe Repaired

Contact us

How to get your TEE probe Repaired

Contact us via email at or call (224) 265-7640 or fill out the form below to set up your account. After registration you'll receive a welcome package and W9 form by email.

Send your probe

As you package your probe, we'll send you a prepaid and insured UPS label for hassle-free shipping. If you require a free shipping box, please inform us, and we'll be happy to assist you. For any shipping-related inquiries, please reach out to us at

How to get your TEE probe Repaired
TEE Probe Acoustic Array Diagnostic

Review probe diagnostics and estimate

Within 2 business days of your probe's arrival at our repair lab, expect diagnostics and a final repair estimate.

Conveniently make payment online using any major credit cards or submit your purchase order (PO).

Get ready to receive your TEE

Our team of experts will skillfully repair your TEE probe and promptly return it to you.

We value your feedbacks and strive to continuously improve our services.

How to get your TEE probe Repaired
How it works
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GE TEE Probes

Our Happy Clients

"I contacted them regarding a problem with my MTurbo Sonosite machine. They sent me a prepaid UPS label, to ship the machine. They assessed it, gave me a proposal at an excellent price, fixed it and gave me a detailed report. They returned the machine as good as new five working days later. They are so professional. Special thanks to Mike!!!"

Dr. Ranya Hegazy

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Philips TEE Probes

Our Valued Partners and Suppliers


Sonosite TEE Probes

TEEx Probe

Compatible with Sonosite
M-Turbo, Edge, Edge Vet
Freq: 8-3 MHz

Sonosite TEEx Probe

TEExp Probe

Compatible with
Sonosite X-Porte

Freq: 8-3 MHz

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Sonosite TEExp Probe

TEE Probe

Compatible with
Sonosite Micromaxx
Freq: 8-3 MHz


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Sonosite TEE Probe_edited

TEExi Probe

Compatible with Sonosite Edge 2, Edge 2 Vet, SII
Freq: 8-3 MHz
P21677, P21458

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Sonosite TEExi Probe

T8-3 TEE Probe

Compatible with
Sonosite LX and PX

Freq: 8-3 MHz
Scan Depth: 4-18 cm

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Sonosite T8-3 Probe

Meet our team

Engineer repairing ultrasound machines
Probe repair technician repairing ultrasound probes
electronic technician re-balling bga components
Electronic technician repairing PCB boards
Ultrasound systems for probe evaluation and quality assurance
Testing ultrasound probe with Elzhen 2200 Smart Transducer Analyzer
Electronic technician inspecting PCB boards
Electronic PCB designers developing new probe test methods
Engineer repairing ultrasound machines
Probe repair technician repairing ultrasound probes
electronic technician re-balling BGA chips
taping ultrasound probe box
evaluating ultrasound probes
electronic technician re-balling bga components
Packaging ultrasound probes

Our advanced technology and quality spare parts

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